The help advice and patience that I got in heaps from Creative Curtains enabled me to make the very best choice for my living room. 18 months later the
room still looks fantastic with the curtains setting the theme. I couldn't be happier with the service and quality product I received - thank you.

Living room, North Warwickshire

Hall Wright Poles

Bay Poles: The 3 bracket system

Creative Curtains and Interiors work closely with an engineering company and together have developed a revolutionary bay pole. The unique system eliminates the need for passing brackets and C-rings.


This bay pole system requires only 1 centre bracket and a bracket at either end, regardless of the shape or size of your particular bay.

We come to your property, measure your bay and take all the angles required. We then manufacture your bay pole in our workshop. This gives us a smooth continuous bend, allowing your curtains to glide effortlessly.

Not only is this system more aesthetically pleasing, it also enhances the performance. Each bay pole is individual to you and specifically designed for your bay windows.

Our bay poles are available in various colour ways and come in the following sizes:

This development can also be applied to one of the latest trends in house design- the bi-folding door. Where a pole needs to be strong enough to cover large spans without intermediate brackets. This exclusive and unique concept provides a solution to many wider width windows.


See the new Hall Wright Poles in our latest video